Improving Driving Skills and Techniques

Our driving skills and techniques courses provide further assistance for FULL LICENCE HOLDERS to ensure safe driving/safer parking skills/ dual carriageways/ motorways etc

Driving improvement
designed for individuals that wish to take their driving to a higher level with one to one training.

Due in court/potential conviction
if your facing a motoring conviction by taking a driving course can help demonstrate that you are keen to improve your level of driving.

Added confidence
maybe post accident if they are feeling anxious and it can be helpful in giving them back their feeling of being in control.
Or if your have developed a fear of driving for any reason that they wish to address.

Motorway lessons
lessons on motorway driving which is now permitted pre test.

Inexperienced drivers or worried parents
help to gain more experience and confidence for themselves or just to allay their parents fears.

Refresher driving course
experienced drivers who haven’t driven for a while, maybe returning to the UK having driven abroad, post accident or just nervous drivers.

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